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‘i don’t celebrate bullshit thanksgiving

-ice ‘motherfucking’ t

‘i don’t celebrate bullshit thanksgiving

-ice ‘motherfucking’ t

fly by night detailing 20
7 December 2015

~ fly by night artchitectural detailing

An Updated List
29 November 2015

~ updated list of states that I have not slept in!
north dakota
rhode island

fly by night detailing 19
28 November 2015

fly by night detailing 2814

‘i don’t celebrate bullshit thanksgiving
Ice-T, Ice Mother Fucking T, Bitch

‘i don’t celebrate bullshit thanksgiving

-ice ‘motherfucking’ t

fly by night detailing 18
10 October 2014

fly by night detailing 0127

21 September 2014

~ So that image of Spider-Woman’s ass is not at the top of this page, here is a photo of a tomato.

alternate image for Spider-Woman's ass

~ Back when we still posted our quarterly thoughts on this site, we would often take time to chastise DC comics for posting regressive, inappropriately sexualized content. As we are not hypocrites, now is the time to call Marvel Comics on its shit for releasing the most dehumanizing, chauvinist cover by major publisher this year. Anyone who has read and re-read the angry red planet’s x-files/quantum leap slash fiction knows we are a sex-positive organization, but MILO MANARA’s cover for Spider-Woman #1 is so embarrassing, we are hesitant to post it here. After all the kudos that Marvel has reaped for publishing positive models such as the new Ms. Marvel, we hope that they have the good sense to be embarrassed by this garbage.

Spider-Woman #1 Ass Variant