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guns, robertson blvd, sun

19 February 2000 _ 17h22m09 EDT
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~ at about three o’clock this morning, we was passing the newest furniture store on robertson when we saw a man pulling the door open with one hand and point a gun into the store with the other. we pulled into the alley behind a car wash and returned to see was was happening. by the time we arrived, no one was to be seen.

~ today has to be the most beautiful day in our los angeles history. cruising down pico, we was content to feel the air, unable to find the usual urge to run from the city as soon as possible. at a store in los feliz, the cashier commented on the sun, saying that days like today are why we live in this city. we agreed with her, until the hour’s worth of traffic from hollywood to the 10 reminded me of why we hate this city.

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