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not all vegans are rabbits

25 February 2000 _ 23h56m15 EDT
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~ an entire week has unravelled, and there is little that i have to account for it. at some point, i think it was wednesday, i was up until 7am, then went to sleep until 11am, then woke until 7pm, then slept until 9pm, then woke until 5am, and on and on until now, when i am just waking up as everyone else goes home, or out, for the weekend

~ one of them: ‘oh, you drink coffee?’
  me: ‘always’
  one of them: ‘but i thought you were vegan’
  me: ‘always’
  i wonder why they don’t understand, but then i remember that every time i am caught eating an apple or potatoes, i get: ‘i thought you only ate birdseed’, and i know exactly why they don’t understand…

~ speaking of birdseed, i finally got around to the venice co-op for some (vegan) flour, so i could churn up a batch of cornbread, the delicious likes of which los angeles has never known.

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