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always east of preuss

19 March 2000 _ 04h04m04 EDT
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~ after boycotting a certain coffee chain for 36 hours, i returned this morning, as i found nothing in my quick search – one street – around playa del rey. by the time i got there, the line was out the door, giving me too much time to listen to the old and ornery wastes behind me: ‘they should have two lines, one for fancy *hit and one for a straight pour’, ‘or one line for veterans and one for out of work actors’, ‘how does kuwait have the *ucking nerve?’, ‘everyone thinks this country is a bunch of *ussies’, ‘this is why i never go east of lincoln‘.
   after all their whining about how coffee should be ordered and dispensed, i expected to hear them deliver simple, straightforward orders. one of the old bastards orders a ‘half caf half reg’; the other has to ask for the day’s flavors before he orders a ‘regular’ size, as though there was an ‘irregular’ size.

~ tonight, i entered studio to find someone sprayfixing one of ‘my’ postcards to her foamcore model. sat least she’s doing something.

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