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you are saucemaster

20 March 2000 _ 05h54m23 EDT
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~ it was a long freaking day at the angry red office‘. about 15 minutes after my arrival, a german appeared at my desk to ask for instructions on using power point; as i explained, he knocked my still scalding cup of coffee onto my lap. an hour later, my sixth los angeles roommate – another german – appeared at my desk to check up on me; she told me that i look ‘exhausted’, which was true, and that i am ‘killing’ myself, which – this is according to her – is okay at my age. my neck is still killing me from my last bit of sleep that was done quite unfortunately in a seated position. i finally had some ‘arabian pizza’ which had been arousing my curiosity for several weeks; i was sick before getting halfway down the hall between the angry red office and the lounge.

~ food @ sciarc: this was in the vending machine a few days ago, but now it is gone. my biggest fear is that someone ate them, but there is always hope that they are being used as material in a model or a ‘concept’. the packaging troubles me; there are pictures of apples and pineapples, which are not ‘sour’, and pictures of dinosaurs and bears, which are not ‘worms’. i’m going to be sick again.

   one of them: what is that, balsamic vinegar?
   me: i don’t know, someone left it on my desk. (i drink)
   one of them: is that coffee?
   me: why would i be drinking coffee from a marinara jar?
   one of them: because you’re saucemaster.

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