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school’s out for spring

26 April 2000 _ 20h10m07 EDT
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~ school has pretty much been out for a week for me; i still find excuses for showing up, thought, like helping people with their models, photographing mine, helping people with their website projects, ignoring mine, and cleaning up all the crap at my desk that has to be emptied in the next two days, as that is when i leave for a week in georgia, followed by a week in the countryside between there and california.

~ there hasn’t been much celebration for the end of the semester. there have been no punk rock shows and no days at the beach. there have been no hikes in the canyons and no intense consumption of coffee at local commercial establishments. for now, it is enough to be free of absurd deadlines; i don’t need any additional experience to remind me that, for the short time being, my time belongs to me again – for the short time being…

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