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Southern Girls Convention

17 May 2000 _ 09h10m16 EDT
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~ from the angry red planet inbox:


I’m writing on behalf of the 2nd Annual
Southern Girls Convention, being held this year in
Louisville, KY. From July 5th-7th, we hope to
provide three days of knowledge and empowerment
through workshops, discussions, activism
opportunities, and a show featuring female musicians
of all genres. The convention, of course, is not
limited to girls or Southerners in attendance, but
will hopefully act as an opportunity for Southern
feminists to educate each other and form alliances.
Here’s where you come in — we’re looking for
people to set up tables during the convention, to
get the word out about their girl-friendly
organizations and businesses. Right now we’re
planning for housing and meal arrangements for
participants from out of town and we want to take
care of everyone who’s willing to help us out with
this! There’s been a lot of support for SGC so far,
and we’re expecting a big turnout – this is a great
way to meet other like-minded individuals! If you
wish to use your table for selling merchandise,
we’re asking a $15 donation, however there is no
charge to set up a table distributing free
pamphlets/information. We’d love to get as many
tables set up as space allows and I’m trying to get
a count of how much that will be ahead of time, so
please let me know if you’re interested in the next
week or so!

If you have any questions about the convention,
please visit our webpage at http://www.brat.org/sgc2000/



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