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fuck joe lieberman

9 August 2000 _ 11h38m58 EDT
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~ a tour of silverlake’s book stores, plastic stores, record stores, and coffee stores brought the angry red planet closer to the thoughts of the common citizens of the united states upon the current circumstances of the presidential ‘race’. perusers of pornography on hollywood boulevard were overheard espousing al gore’s choice of the ‘minority’ joe lieberman as ‘saving his ass’, while the tea totalers on vermont condemned this choice as ensuring his own loss. apart from the discussions of the religious persuasion of ‘republicrat’ lieberman was the warning that bush’s incredible lead must be seen as only the advantage of having had his convention first. see: michael dukakis


~ unsatisfied with reports that puts bush, jr. sometimes 17 points ahead and sometimes dead even with al gore, the angry red planet has held its own poll of the ‘major’ candidates. the results are as follows: 50% ralph nader, 50% al gore, 0% george w.bush, 0% pat buchanan. where are these gallup folks [w] getting their information?

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