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people are resourceful

18 September 2000 _ 19h33m51 EDT
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~ disconnected thoughts on the definition of a school: people are not resources; people are resourceful. they are resourceful enough to have invented a plethora of tools which have been engineered and refined with the intention of doing nothing but making life and work more simple. they have even devised a system of associating types of tools, such as scanners and table saws, and exchanging them with another tool, money. an extension of these tools is a system of education; such systems have arisen in which a student pays into an institution, and in return, the student a certain of those resources which are best suited for the task that the student wishes to learn. for example, an aspiring architect might enter into a contract in which he or she pays for the use of a wood or metal shop, or perhaps a library…
what is not acceptable is a school taking $40,000 from a student for a more than two years, promising to him or her the tools that they require, and then not delivering the resources which the have essentially purchased.
it is unacceptable for a school to take this money from them, and then when they demand a return on it or of it, to have a faculty member to tell them to ‘stop fucking whining’ or to ‘get on with their lives’.
it is unacceptable to expect one class or generation of a student body to finance, at the expense of a quality environment, an administration’s future reward.
only a fool would declare that a school, like sci-arc, doesn’t need a building or tools or classrooms, because it has ‘los angeles as a resource. if that is the case, and i am expected to go out and find my education someplace else in los angeles, then by sending money to the bungling administration, i am essentially just buying a degree. i wish i had been told this during the orientation; i could have sent the check in two years ago, and saved myself some time and quite a few folks some grief.


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