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comics, ink

6 October 2000 _ 06h14m05 EDT
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   comics, ink: ‘typeface…now there’s an interesting villian’
   the angry red planet: ‘hmmm…i don’t know what that’s all about’
   c,i: ‘still, i like mackie’s peter parker’

   t.a.r.p.: ‘yeah, but i hope he makes a move on glory or jill, before his roommates steal all his prospects.’
   c,i: ‘hmmm?’
   t.a.r.p.: ‘unless they do something ridiculous like bring his wife back to life.’
   c,i: ‘or something ridiculous like adding another spider-man title…oh, wait, they already did that.’
   t.a.r.p.: ‘what? where?’
   c,i: ‘the ulimate spider-man’

   t.a.r.p.: ‘oh…yeah….’
   c,i: ‘the story was at least told well, but it is one that didn’t need to be retold.’
   t.a.r.p.: ‘i know, i had to explain to my roommate, who doesn’t follow this, when he asked ‘hasn’t that already been established?”
   c,i: ‘oh, yes, countless times over….’

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