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3 November 2000 _ 13h25m22 EDT
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~ the recent days have heaped too much confusion to get around to something like posting inessential news to this page. this is not a weblog. that having been said, this morning was a triumph at the point of entrance to the bagel factory on cadillac, when one of the young women saw me walk in and brought my ‘usual’ to the cashier before anyone had taken my order. yes, i’m a creature of habit…a poacher…unoriginal, but, yes, someone around here has noticed me…


~ this morning of lucidity is now counteracted by some lines from an email i sent out in a sleepless delirium; i would not have thought anything about this – or remembered it – if the recipient had not called me about it and asked what was happening. is this what they mean by, ‘content, content, content’:

    meet my thesis advisor today…

    mid review on saturday
    not much time to talk…i’m sorry…
    i will try calling after i meet r.m. today..
    can’t remember when i spoke to you last…
    stayed at school all night..

    slept in the floor and cried..
    does anyone else take this so seriously?
    three of us are about to e-x-p-l-o-d-e
    the rest come here to look at porn and drink sam adams
    this is babble




~ we tested this site on mac+ie4 last night. just ‘more fire for burning people’…


~ as always, check out the ‘going green…’ site, there are two dozen new sites, and a special bonus for our canadian friends on the banner page five…

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