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loud new york

8 June 2001 _ 12h13m15 EDT
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~ lewis black claims that new york city is the loudest city on the planet earth. the angry red planet can sympathize with him; our atmosphere is filled with motorized scooters, screeching circular saw, dirt bike wheelies, wailing sirens, twins on razors, barking dogs, blowing horns, heaving garbage trucks, and everyone in the building shouting ‘freddie’ into the courtyard next to our office window, trying to draw out the elusive superintendent.


~ thanks to the few folks who sent birthday greetings; we’ll get back to you soon, time has been taken up with moving crates about the office, modeling furniture for an affiliate, and marveling at david mack’s work on daredevil. also, typing with the keyboards on out laps and the mice on stacks of phone books and coffee boxes is inducing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. we need desks.

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