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september 11th

13 September 2001 _ 16h59m41 EDT
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~ after two days, we still have nothing to say.

the dandy little coxcombs who are saying ‘the u.s. deserved this’ are hardly addressing the fact that the comfort in which they live – that enables them to understand this situation so fully – is inseparable from the system that brought this retaliation.

the jingoist warhawks who call for unilateral destruction of various people who are remotely related to the likely perpetrators of this violence are not heeding the certainty of a future retribution and the uncertainty of the u.s. security structure – both defensive and offensive – to handle it.

the likelihood of an american epiphany, in which the cause of this terrorist effect is recognized and addressed, is slim; the damage and violence doubtlessly rules out much sympathy for the perpetrators’ cause. it would not seem out of the question that would encourage more of this activity in the future, when other demands are wished to be met. thus, and this is the greatest fear at the angry red planet, it seems realistic that those at the helm of the u.s. military will take measures to not just retaliate or exact some quick vengeance – they must know what that will inspire – but will make every step to wipe away any technical or economic possibility for any persons or peoples to ever attempt some act similar to last tuesday’s. will other nations step in the way of the u.s. before this level of destruction is reached, thereby raising the scale of warfare beyond imagination? or will they, with their own fears and memories of terrorism – stand by and allow the obliteration of a large part of the world to take place?

we at the angry red planet suppose that, upon a couple of days tired reflection, there is no course but to realize that this is not, as many have declared, the ‘ending of our way of life’ or anyone as much as it is a beginning of an wretched, inhuman way of life for everyone.

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