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sci-arc casts new director

24 October 2001 _ 21h09m13 EDT
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~ from the angry red planet inbox:

“Following is a list of names that sci-arc students have submitted as nominations
for Director……..

Steven Holl = [explicit]

Sheila Kennedy = bad work
Robert + Mary Ann = are they serious???,,, two insane directors?
Coy Howard = run the school yourself you whiiiiners
TERRY SURJAN = i thought he hated sciarc?
Daniel Liebeskind = word! but i doubt it
Samuel Mockbee = well we didnt pikk him last time,, lets give it a shot
Shigeru Ban = who?
Evan Douglas = who?
Karoline Schmitt-Bauer = are they kidding?
Anderson brothers = rednex
Will Alsop = who?
Chris Genik = dear god no!!!
Herzog and De Meuron = yeah right
Wolf Prix = drunk
Richard Rogers = hahaha
Rem Koolhaas = give me a break
Stan Allen � have already declined interest
Liz Diller � have already declined interest

this sounds like a list that a freshman would cook up because they
think their program is bad ass enough to warrant some bigshot director

i’m glad i was there when kulper was director


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