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grow your beard, ahmed

13 November 2001 _ 17h04m23 EDT
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~ why would the u.n. be surprised that the northern alliance rushed into kabul at the first chance they saw? they’ve only been lusting after that city for five years. the northern alliance no doubt has its own political plan, which amazingly may not be to adhere to the plans of a western nation who would feel safer by manipulating them in a proxy war after not acknowledging them for the past few years. anyway, everyone there seems happy enough with their arrival; there is plenty of music playing and few burqas being lifted. it seems that the only people who might complain would be the arabs, pakistanis, and chechens, who are bound to be exterminated if they do not shave their beards and get their turbans buried quickly enough.

~”ahmed shah said as he felt his newly shaven face, i hated the beard. it was always itchy.’

wtf does this guy mean by that?!

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