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clint eastwood

5 January 2002 _ 21h25m47 EDT
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~ our kingdom for the first person to explain to us how we have accumulated so much crap in our offices.

~ movies since x-mas:
‘easy rider’
‘fistful of dollars’
‘for a few dollars more’
‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’
‘casualties of war’
‘guadalcanal diary’

‘guadalcanal diary’ had the most on screen deaths, which were countless; ‘easy rider’ had the fewest, with only three. the most lives taken by a single man would have to be in ‘fistful of dollars’, with the distinction going to the man with no name, clint eastwood. in each of the eastwood films, there is one woman who serves as either a pawn between men or as a tool to aid in the destruction of a man. one actress is featured in ‘casualties of war’; she is raped, stabbed, shot, and then she falls from a train trestle. women fare the best, respectively, in ‘easy rider’; they appear and powerful matrons of a commune, as lovingly cared for prostitutes, and as teenagers who are not abused by jack nicholson – whereas they would have suffered at his hands in ‘real life’. not a single woman appears on the screen in ‘guadalcanal diary’. we would like to move into more light-hearted fare, but ‘groundhog day’ is not yet available at our local dvd lessor.

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