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moment of violence

10 January 2002 _ 16h28m12 EDT
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~ our attempts to view less violent films have ended in failure. though we thoughtfully picked ‘the french connection’, we could not miss the unmistakable tinges of violence throughout the film; in a far worse case, we, in a moment of extreme weakness, demeaned ourselves with a viewing of ‘con-air’. our casual tally of 23 on-screen deaths (not counting the dozens of trained soldiers in armored cars with automatic weapons killed by slovenly cons in abandoned cars, and not counting the untold hundreds or thousands who would have perished as a plane plowed through cars and pedestrians on the las vegas strip) notwithstanding, ‘con-air’ would otherwise still make it into the top 10 worst things with which we have wasted our time. we hope that tonight’s viewing of ‘american history x’ is a more fruitful – and non-violent – expenditure of time.

~ go find a copy of marvel’s ‘a moment of silence’ and see if you don’t also find yourself a blubbering mass on the floor.

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