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we loathe people

6 August 2002 _ 21h26m08 EDT
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~ we are working on a format that will present an ongoing catalogue of people whom we bitterly loathe. while we do not currently call for the destruction of these people, they do deserve all of our and our reader’s disrespect. until our database is complete, you, our noble patrons, will have to work with a partial list:

the postal worker who folds a new hardback book in half to stuff it into a mailbox, ruining it.

anyone who touches a comic book in the store without the pre-determined intention of buying it.

kazaa-lite cretins who misleadingly name their ‘harry potter’ avi files as ‘dirty harry’.

the ass who does not know the distinction between a trade paperback and a graphic novel.

the french who, as of yet, have not given us our award.

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