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white house phone number

24 September 2002 _ 13h47m18 EDT
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~ the angry red planet has received the following message to our inbox. we asked the sender to provide a source for the text, but they have neglected to do so. we have tracked down a remarkably similar passage at the end of an article at alternet.org [w]; we wonder what the white house number for reporting plagiarism might be? anyway, please note that you can call in your position either “for” or “against” the war in – and around – iraq that will regardless take place; who is to say that democracy is at risk?

Below is the number to the White House where you can actually call & say yes or no to the potential “war on Iraq”. G.W. claims to want to hear it directly from the American People. All calls need to be between the hours of 9-5 eastern time monday through friday I just called the White House at 202-456-1111. A machine detains you for only a moment and then a pleasant live operator will thank you for saying “I oppose” (or “I approve of”) of the proposed war against Iraq. It will only take minutes! The president is asking to know what the American people are thinking. Tell him. Please forward this if you want.

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'Patti' responds:

I am vehemently opposed to bilingual classrooms. Immersion is acceptable in every other country. I am also opposed to allowing illegal aliens being given legal status, without going through the same process my father had to go through to emmigrate to the US from Canada in the 1940’s. We enable people to not improve themselves or to be accountable for their lives.

'the angry red planet' responds:

what are you babbling about?

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