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united for peace, NYC

28 February 2003 _ 20h36m10 EDT
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~ we have been trying for ten (10) days to wish you a happy black history month (despite our distrust of institutionalized factionalism) and to inform you that updates to this log will cease immediately and indefinitely for reasons both personal and professional. in the past three years, we have made this claim a few times, and, as evidenced by the fact that you are reading this, we have never gone through with it.
on the other hand, we have repeatedly returned after a week of silence to mumble that we will be updating more often, only to disappear for a few more weeks. so, for once, in the name of consistency, we are declaring a policy of silence and we are intending to enforce it upon ourselves. we feel that this policy will be in effect for as long, at least, as our new york offices remain open, but the change could be permanent. check back in a couple days, just in case.


~ before we go, we hope to see many of you, new yorkers and oakies alike, at the march or demonstration or whatever ends up happening in manhattan this saturday. details: http://www.unitedforpeace.org [w]

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