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world vegan day, cornbread, collards, black-eyed peas

1 November 2003 _ 10h42m58 EDT
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~ happy world vegan day! whilst you recover from your engorgement of last night’s bacchanalia of chocolate and candies, spend a few minutes at a place like vegweb or vrg to find enough recipes that will make even the most skeptical and hardheaded carni-/omnivore realize that you don’t have to do anything crazy like press your own seitan to enjoy a sumptuous and ‘cruelty free’ meal, even if only for a day.

the angry red planet will be celebrating with a platter of blackeyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread, a trinity worthy of celebration in its own right. this will be followed by the empty calories of a chocolate cake. contact us if you need the recipe.

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