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sniveling democrats

10 December 2003 _ 12h52m05 EDT
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~ eric alterman’s latest corporate blog [w] makes it clearer than ever to us why we hate the democrats. although we don’t know if he considers himself a democrat, alterman’s love note to john kerry is evidence enough that he is at least partial to them. in atlerman’s entry, there are two (2) allusions to the notion that ralph nader cost al gore the 2000 election, proving that democrats still can not face up to the ineptitude of their own candidates, despite being outfoxed by the handlers of imbeciles like g.w.bush in florida and a.schwarzenegger in california (and possibly the killers of p.wellstone in minnesota).

even when one of their own, dean, of course, is trouncing them in the primary related polls, because he was calling out george w bush two years ago, while they were shaking bush’s hand and smiling for pictures with him in the rose garden, their argument is that dean is somehow too ‘angry’ at bush to run against him successfully. rather than be ready to support the one from their team that ends up coming out on top, the democratic candidates make excuses for themselves instead of addressing the fact that they are not desirable. these guys and this lady seem to want to achieve nothing by their own merit; they seem to think that they somehow deserve to be picked and that we should overlook their shortcomings out of our own kindness. if coy howard were alive today, he would call them all ‘whiiiiners’. it is clear that the republicans are craftier, bolder, and smarter than the democrats. Instead of finding the determination to fight back against the republican advances, the democrats cry foul and ask for some non-existent referee to step in and give them a free pass. who respects that?

1) this was intended to be posted before al gore gave his endorsement to howard dean; however that does not make the democrats any less sniveling, so perhaps this post is best noted in light of this latest development.

2) our readers should not construe that the angry red planet is, yet, supporting h.dean. he is not even a vegan! besides, we are still awaiting word from r.nader [w].

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'coy wietzorrek' responds:

your kucinich link dont work, boy!

'the angry red planet' responds:

thanks for keeping us on the ball.

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