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americans torture, usmc, bblean

7 May 2004 _ 13h54m08 EDT
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~ also, we have to disagree with g.w.bush, j.lieberman, and d.rumsfeld that the sadistic behaviour of soldiers like l.england does not reflect the true nature of americans. from where did these morons arise? in what environment were they reared? the answer is america, the same one that produces a mother who beats to death her children on god’s command or ‘powder puff’ football girls who deliver concussions to their classmates. fishing on craigslist will inform one that america’s core values are sadism and brutality; perhaps we can be thankful that we follow a social contract that, by and large, keeps this localized brutality in check, but let us not pat ourselves on the back just because we can point to pictures of some fool and declare that we are heroes only when compared to villains.

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according to the policy detailed yesterday, we have scraped the ‘United States Marine Corps’ sticker from the rear window of our company truck.

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we have been enjoying bblean [w]. Back during version .41, we tried bb4win [w], but at the time our enthusiasm was not great. almost two years makes a big difference.

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“…the sadistic behaviour of solders like…”

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thanks for the input; it lets us know who is stopping here.

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