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nude muslim men, porno, vonnegut

14 May 2004 _ 22h37m00 EDT
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~ all y’all who think that having a woman involved in the abuse of prisoners was some masterful, genius stroke at the confidence of arab muslim men, allow us to inform you of a fact that we thought was well known to all: no one, of any race/religion/gender, likes to have someone laugh and point at their genitals. is there something peculiar about arabs’/muslims’ desire to keep their bodies covered? take us to a single high school in des moines or office park in dunwoody and show us a group of whites’/christians’ who would be content to be lined up hooded and naked so that strange men and women can make fun of their penises. it’s not that complicated.

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~ if they will make a porno with john bobbitt and one with that ice skater who had that other ice skater beaten up, we bet that it is only a matter of time before lynndie england is approached by someone from ‘the industry’. they will probably have to wait a few years. on the other hand, would it increase sales if they made the movie when she was still in prison (serving her own term, not as a guard)? one’s mind boggles with the possibilities.

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~ though we ridiculed billy of lazylamb [w] when he sent this article to us, we will pass it along; there are no new ideas here [w], even by vonnegut’s standards, but there are a couple of choice phrases that the old coot has managed to wring out of his dusty mind.

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I wanted male picts.

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