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united states attacks a wedding

20 May 2004 _ 11h36m14 EDT
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~ we have not made the rounds of though the boortz/hannity sites yet, but we are sure that they are as grievously outraged over this as they were over the death of nick berg, because they used the opportunity of his decapitation to display so vociferously their aversion to the needless death of innocents; they would not let something like this pass without demands for the people responsible to be held accountable for this error.

“Associated Press Television News footage showed a truck containing bloodied bodies, many wrapped in blankets, piled one atop the other. Several were children, one of whom was decapitated. The body of a girl who appeared to be less than 5 years of age lay in a white sheet, her legs riddled with wounds and her dress soaked in blood.” -ap

how long does it take to kill 40 people? unless you are using one of those daisy cutters, or unless the wedding you are attacking is being held in a space so confined that every shot hits a mark, one would think that at some point during the assault, the u.s. would have realized that no one was shooting back, or that they were shooting at a bunch of little kids and people in dresses. i guess, though, just like the prison guards, they are ‘following orders’, and we can’t expect them to protest when told to do something fucked up.

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