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here comes the spin

16 September 2004 _ 12h50m32 EDT
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~ we would like to get the election over with right now. we aren’t looking forward to sucking up a bush win or to listen to the right wing and ignorant gloating. what we are excited about hearing is the numerous excuses and apologies given by the democrats, the leftists, and the media for kerry’s loss. we already know that every day since the dnc has been wasted on talk of what kerry and bush did or did not do during the vietnam war. there have been no surprises here for over a year, and nothing has contributed to prospects for the future. it is doubtful that anything shocking will appear within the remaining seven weeks; george w bush’s incompetence and imbecility can’t be made more plain than it has already during the past 3.5 years, so what else could be said by the kerry campaign?

what we can’t wait to hear is kerry and his apologists spreading the blame for his defeat. we wonder if he will admit his mistakes, or will people like nader get the credit for kerry’s piss poor campaign? will he tell us why he had to collude with the dlc to keep candidates like dean and kucinich from winning the nomination if he had no intention of winning the presidency? will we learn that ‘at least i ain’t him’ isn’t a sensible way to topple an incumbent? will kerry confess that it is irrational to declare that, knowing what he knows now about a clusterfuck in iraq, he would not act any differently in his role in bringing us to it? will kerry point out that his own vanity trumped the interests of the rest of us? we know the next bush term will be more dismal than the last, let us at least contemptibly scoff at the democrats’ spin.

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