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if you build it they will come

20 September 2004 _ 18h29m27 EDT
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~ today is the day that john kerry has made his big “coming out” speech, where he makes it clear that he has learned from his advisors that he needs to speak plainly and attack the president for leading us to defeat in iraq. it does not seem like this is his first coming out speech, and it doesn’t hold with us that he is going to assume another position on the entirety of the war. it’s alright for him to admit that the cause is lost along this course, but unless he declares that he was personally misled by the bush administration – likening his story to that of the majority of americans who also fell for their lies – he will once again be painted as indecisive, regardless of the content of his speech. nevertheless, his assessment is accurate, and his luck with a similar position recently stated publicly by republican senators is uncanny. still, the shifting sands of the whirlwind of the campaign’s final six weeks forbids us from brimming with excitement over this most recent revelation; instead, we will chortle at the latest dadaist ad lib from the u.s. secretary of defense.

“At some point the Iraqis will get tired of getting killed and we’ll have enough of the Iraqi security forces that they can take over responsibility for governing that country.” -Donald Rumsfeld

fabulous. maybe we will get tired of being poor and now we are rich! we are tired of limited mobility and now we can teleport! we are tired of being disgruntled pissants upstaged by asymptote and now we are building shit to critical acclaim!

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'john' responds:

i am tired of my feet being pissed on so i know wear rubber boots.

'john' responds:

know = now

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