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on second thought

22 September 2004 _ 22h29m35 EDT
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~ perhaps it is best that an unqualified partisan is placed at the head of the cia. we had figured that after the next terrorist attack on american soil, most people would rally around dear leader w. on the other hand, the late demonstrations that the administration is not serious about making any of the reforms that the 9/11 commission has recommended might increase the likelihood of a spain or yugoslavia style response.

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~ we doubt that cat stevens is complaining too much about the shabby treatment he received from our inept department of homeland security, as the sales rank for ‘The Very Best of Cat Stevens’ on amazon [w] has moved up to #19 today.

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'john' responds:

“We are getting a little tired of this kind of Kafkaesque treatment of people, where vague allegations are made and actions are taken against individuals and organizations,” Hooper said.


'Gour' responds:


Is there some gmail invite left?


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