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donald rumsfeld is insane

24 September 2004 _ 22h17m18 EDT
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~ as if to drive home our point that they* will say any crazy thing to make us believe that night is day and that cats are dogs, our secretary of defense spins this web:

“We had something like 200 or 300 or 400 people killed in many of the major cities of America last year. Is it perfectly peaceful? No. What’s the difference? We just didn’t see each homicide in every major city in the United States on television every night.”donald rumsfeld

what is the punchline here? that there is a difference between random urban crime and methodical mechanized killing of 1,040+ dead american troops and 10,000+ iraqi civilians? or is it that if we shouldn’t be concerned about the death in iraq then by extension we must also think it acceptable that “200 or 300 or 400” citizens are killed in our cities each year?

remember when we used to employ eunuchs to guard our harems? a similar tactic should be used for secretaries of defense; it is not necessary that they be castrated, but rather they need to not be deranged psychos who don’t let death weigh heavily on their consciences.

* republicans, conservatives, evangelicals, neocons, fundamentalists, right wing are not always the same thing; we need a term than encompasses all of them, the way ‘liberal’ has been reconstructed to mean anything that ‘the right’ thinks is bad.

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