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undercutting allies

26 September 2004 _ 00h15m56 EDT
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~ what was bush’s little lecture on undercutting allies in the war on terror? our great friend the dictator of pakistan must not have heard it, as he was busy talking to cnn:

cnn: “Is the world a safer place because of the war in Iraq?”
musharraf: “No. It’s more dangerous. It’s not safer, certainly not.”…
cnn: ” Was it a mistake to have gone to war with Iraq?”
musharraf: ” Well, I would say that it has ended up bringing more trouble to the world.”

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~ like total sellouts, we used a line from ‘fahrenheit 9/11’ in an argument today. the problem isn’t that we mentioned a fact that appears in the movie ; the evidence is fact regardless of whether or not it is featured in a michael moore movie. our problem is that we sourced our argument to something so sensational; the angry red planet endeavours to stay above the fray of popular culture. our only excuse is that it was more likely that the people whom were logically circling had seen the movie and would be able to nod accordingly than it was they had read the proper issue of the new yorker or article from the washington post. at least they may have seen a poster for the movie as they walked in to ‘white chicks’.

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