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ralph nader, john kerry, mimi nguyen

14 November 2004 _ 10h56m22 EDT
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~ for most folks, the election is a distant memory; we understand that any folks who is still harping on it are considered to have their heads up their asses. nevertheless, we have found some amusing lines referring to those days long gone.

mr. nader is explaining – again – how he did not cause the democrats to lose – again – in his own charming manner:

“No wonder enough of the voters go for the moral issues. What else do they have? When you take away the economic issue, then you allow the presidency to be personalized. If Bush happens to be more likeable—don’t ask me why—he becomes the transmitter of the moral issues. They garnish it with gay marriage and abortion and occlude all the secular immorality.” –ralph nader

this next quote is not even slightly original, but the payoff comes from the name of the old white guy saying it:

We are not using the internet or email like we could. It is the most cost effective tool we have. These old white men need to turn this over to a new generation.

by kerry2004 on Mon Nov 8th, 2004 at 17:11:03 EDT

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~ speaking of amusing speeches, we had the good fortune to kick it this week with mimi [w] of – well, we don’t know which project at this point, as there are many – varied and multitudinous fames, who showed surprising patience during our confederate apologia, nader confessional, and a rambling tirade which could be entitled ‘norwegians can take the fucking bill of rights and be better than anyone living in the u.s.’

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