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intelligent design

6 January 2005 _ 14h30m32 EDT
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~ there ain’t too much grand about leaving behind the quiet of georgia for the wilds of philadelphia, but at least it seems that our fellow pennsylvanians are trying to make us feel at home by demonstrating that they are no less ignorant than our cousins in cobb county:

“A Pennsylvania school district on Wednesday rejected charges that plans to include references to an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution in high school biology classes would be illegal.

The Dover Area School District near Harrisburg is the first in the United States to introduce “Intelligent Design,” a theory that the natural world is so complex it must have been made by an intelligent being, rather than occurring by chance, as held by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution…-reuters

readers should note the framing technique of referring to plain creationism as ‘intelligent design’ – a rebranding of old school religion with a nomenclature that hopes to make it seem more credible by sounding vaguely scientific; the truth is the name hides just as much bullshit as orwellian named ‘defense of marriage act’ or ‘blue skies initiative’.

a dot

~ to whom was it that we were ranting that digital cameras should operate on the same level as cellphones or wireless laptops – you take a picture and it is saved to your desktop across town or across the country, instead of on a tiny flash or smart media card? billy in nyc or beth in wdc? regardless, one of you must have sold the idea, because slashdot [w] is now reporting its fruition without me.

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'billy' responds:

that was me. disk space is still cheaper than bandwith and doesn’t require an access point.

'the angry red planet' responds:

you sound like our president: ‘the apollo mission cost more money than buggies and horsies!’…’single payer health care costs more than not having health care!’

besides, if disk space is so cheap, that would make ipods a rip off.

'john' responds:

jc! is that your neighbourhood or an ex_nihilo collage?!

'the angry red planet' responds:

that’s our street, one block east of here. have you seen the pix of baghdad or mosul? it’s like that, only without the ceramic body armor.

'Raina' responds:

Or.. ‘department of defense’… which once was ‘department of war’ or something like that…

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