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hunter s thompson

21 February 2005 _ 10h59m47 EDT
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~ cross post from sisyphean [w]: ‘rest in peace dr. thompson, author of this entry’s opening line.’

when jt [w] told us about this, we first thought, ‘that figures’, as the man made a point of living life off the hook; however, on reflection it is quite surprising to us, and defeating in way, considering his positions with regard to the current political situation in the united states. who knows if this had any bearing at all on thompson’s mental state, but doubtlessly such an interpretation will have its own effect. a man can make his own decisions, but it is sometimes selfishly sad for the rest of us will now miss all the work that might have been.

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~ since we had nothing else to do this weekend, we set up wordpress 1.5; the commenting templates reverted to the default layout. rather that spend more time on them or have the three of you who post comments look at something ugly, we have turned off the comment feature until march 3.

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