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manhattan, raspberry, olives

12 May 2005 _ 18h38m56 EDT
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~ daily imagealthough it provides rich and ample fodder for musings on surface and artifacts, philadelphia has been a punishing drought when our literary motivation seeks to take root. not since the early days of the manhattan project [+] have we felt like such hacks, pirating lines from rabble in the street – this time splicing it w/ the work of other members of the work.group.

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~ chain grocery store quote: ‘life is hard, you know. do you think you can work with those olives?’

a dot

~ daily imagethis ‘quote’ was relayed to us by a third party, but as we were mere feet away from the exchange, peeping out pre-3ds brickwork, we feel as though we were there. basically, this is a fictionalized account: ‘order me a raspberry steamer. or strawberry.’

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'jt' responds:

‘or cleveland.’

'the angry red planet' responds:


public response: