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google talk, pat robertson is a lunatic

24 August 2005 _ 10h22m24 EDT
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~ google talk [w] looks nice, but provides no new features for the user, such as the ability to chat with members of various services simultaneously. it is just an instant messaging program for people who already have gmail accounts. use the miranda [w] client, instead.

~ we appreciate when people like pat robertson both call for the killing of elected leaders and call themselves christians because it makes it easy for us to keep track of who the lunatics are. speaking of lunatics, can someone explain our president’s phrase ‘democracy is unfolding’ and/or how it relates to our republican administration’s use of our military to establish an islamic state next to iran?

~ ‘our’ potluck series is becoming more disastrous at every stage; next week we foresee ourselves showing up to find that not even we are attending.

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