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FEMA michael brown is a prick

2 September 2005 _ 13h18m08 EDT
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Asked later on CNN how he could blame the victims, many of whom could not flee the storm because they had no transportation or were too frail to evacuate on their own, [FEMA director]Brown said he was not blaming anyone.

“Now is not the time to be blaming,” Brown said. “Now is the time to recognize that whether they chose to evacuate or chose not to evacuate, we have to help them.

people who can’t move from their beds or huffy owners who can not make it to houston should be held responsible for their predicament? what is this crybaby going to say when islamic fundamentalists assassinate musharraf and set off some of those pakastani nukes in dallas or oklahoma city? will we hear more statements that people should have known better than to live in those cities? this post could also be titled ‘definition of a cunt’

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