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13 September 2005 _ 11h44m50 EDT
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BATON ROUGE, Sept 12 (Reuters) – U.S. federal authorities may have to take care of some evacuees from Hurricane Katrina for as long as five years, an official of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said on Monday.

“We’re planning to have to take care of a significant number of people for three to five years, until somebody can give us some better information,” said Brad Gair, the head of FEMA’s housing relief effort in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.

He said information on how much housing would be needed and for how long was still uncertain, but the agency estimated it would have to provide what he called “direct housing”, like trailers or motor homes, for 200,000 households.

they are already anticipating housing people for five years, and the only thing on their minds is lining up a bunch of trailers? with 200,000 households in the area, they should be able to set up a crew with a stack of s.i.p. and churn out long term housing. if one knows in advance the term for which they will need the habitats, can foresee the decline in quality of a trailer park after this amount of time, and knows that there are already groups at work on developing large scale refugee/disaster housing, why would one plan on doing a shitty job at the outset of the project?

“It may not be quite on the scale of building the pyramids, but it’s pretty close,” Gair told a news briefing.


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