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university of pennsylvania drinks nasty coffee

9 October 2005 _ 13h30m10 EDT
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~ as cafe tableaux [w] continues to frame the cafe experience in a more polished, cultivated manner than that in which it has been discussed in the past, upenn reintroduces us to the base standards which are held by the typical coffee ‘fan’ with whom we share the streets:

“[Penn Current] bought ‘small’ cups of regular coffee from six local coffee shops, cafes, and other stores…”

  • starbucks
  • cosi
  • au bon pain
  • bucks county coffee
  • wawa
  • dunkin donuts
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'jt' responds:

was that overheard or was it in a something like a upenn newspaper?

'the angry red planet' responds:

‘news paper’

'john' responds:

dunkin donuts: Very weak. I can see clear to the bottom of the cup.

isnt that jjj’s favourite?

'the angry red planet' responds:

i guess we could hear about it in his reviews, but i believe dunking doughnuts meets the qualifications for the black list.

'john' responds:

“holy jesus”

'the angry red planet' responds:

scups has contacted the ‘current’ and admonished them for strengthening the insular detachment which upenn fosters within its students and faculty. maybe this indictment will be opened to public view?

'john' responds:

it seems like getting them to go to starbucks is integrating them with the rabble. if they truly wanted to be an island they should send their boys to marks cafe!

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