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caped teen kills two, suburbs responsible

30 October 2005 _ 12h27m57 EDT
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“Caped Teen Kills Two, Then Self in Calif.”

“…Built in 1995, the neighborhood of mostly beige two-story homes was described by residents as a family community where people often socialized.”

jx, can you blame him? people want to sue gun and ammunition manufacturers for producing items which 3rd parties decide to use to kill other folks; when will they go after developers and architects for devising demoralizing, stifling environments which simultaneously foster rage whilst providing no outlet for it? why aren’t parents being sued for sequestering their kids in these fucked up suburban habitats?

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'john' responds:

i particularly appreciate that they described the assailant as being “caped.”

'ashley' responds:

as you may imagine, when i saw ‘caped’ in the headline, i had higher ‘hopes’ for details in the story than what actually played out.

public response: