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victim of philadelphia, part 5

9 December 2005 _ 14h50m38 EDT
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~ at the suggestion of saul cups, we are posting a plea. the following items were last seen in the rear of a honda civic in west philadelphia. please let us know if you see them on the sidewalk, under a bridge, or in the possession of a fucking asshole:

  • 1 box of about 100 marvel and vertigo comic books, dated jan 2005-november 2005, all bagged, boarded, and alphabetized.
  • 1 belkin wireless router, still boxed
  • 1 ‘peets’ box containing 950+ ‘postbaroque’ postcards
  • 1 ‘path’ shoebox containing various first aid goods, photographs, collection of posters, postcards, envelopes most of which also mentioned ‘postbaroque’.
  • 1 box various kitchen tools, such as spatula, whisk, spoons.
  • set of various ‘stanley’ hand tools, such as hammer, screwdrivers, level, measuring tape, etc
  • spindle of compaq discs containing software
  • various musical compact discs, such as billy bragg, spiritualized, lyle lovett
a dot

~ howard dean on the differences between democrats:

“The differences are pretty small, perhaps Senator Lieberman excepted.”


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