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vegan community project

21 December 2005 _ 11h35m00 EDT
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~ more information about the fbi’s spying on american vegans is described by the aclu:

Among the documents released today were more than 100 pages of FBI files on PETA. Multiple documents indicate ongoing surveillance of PETA-related meetings and activities, including a “Vegan Community Project” event at the University of Indiana during which the group distributed vegetarian starter kits to students and faculty, an animal rights conference in Washington, DC that was open to the public, and a planned protest of Cindy Crawford’s decision to become a llama fur spokesperson. –aclu.org

we had hoped that ‘vegan community project’ was some orwellian-named program, functioning similarly to cointelpro, where fbi agents invite vegans over for lemony garbanzo bean cakes and postum, then they take take notes and make recordings of discussions on methods for binding eggless pastries. this would explain the dwindling attendance of our potlucks. less interestingly, though, it seems that ‘vegan community project’ is just the name of an actual vegan community project.

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'john' responds:

hopefully they havent delved deep enough to find photos of somebody in a vinyl babushka throwing fire at the yerkes primate center. i would throw that yellow cardigan sweater in your memory hole right about now.

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