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department of homeland sexual predators

5 April 2006 _ 19h18m59 EDT
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~ it isn’t our concern that a 55 year old is looking to pick up 14 year old girls for sex; there are prisons and inmates with a sense of certain duties to take care of that. what is our concern is that someone who works for the department of homeland security is so lacking in the skills to maintain a fraudulent identity online. does the dhs not have classes on altering your images in photoshop, staging camera angles, pulling phony images (of someone more attractive) from home galleries, setting up accounts at hotmail, configuring the switchproxy extension, and, for fuck’s sake, not telling a girl whom you are seducing that you are really 55 years old? how are we supposed to remain safe from the terrorists?

~ has anyone noticed that we have been converting the log archives from 2000 to 2003 from static to dynamic pages? once completed, it will remain as easy to overlook the earlier entries as it is currently.

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