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green line cafe redux

6 May 2006 _ 06h40m50 EDT
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~ green line cafe quote:
“isn’t furness the same one who did our church?”

the trend mentioned in a previous post [+] has continued. at first it was merely a curiosity that lovely, clever-looking young ladies would spend their afternoons studying the holy bible. now it is no joke, with spring arriving, the tables are packed and you can not enter the place without seeing someone cracking open the bible or at least ‘dive into ecclesiastes’. we always knew there were christians out there somewhere, presumably running hallmark franchises in strip malls and trading in glass doves at craft fairs, but we didn’t expect that they had decided to co-opt the myth of intellectualism and cafe culture, exchanging incendiary discourse and revolutionary texts for the gospels.

we thought west philadelphia was a hotbed of radicals, but apparently it is a cradle full of holy rollers. there seems to be less overt christianity at the other green line; perhaps it should be moved up in the queue of scheduled tableaux.

anyway, cafe tableaux has a new green line photo.

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