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marines murder civilians

30 May 2006 _ 10h52m03 EDT
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~ after a memorial day cook-out with ‘radicals’ who think that the encroachment of tract homes into west philadelphia is a marvelous idea, we see in cnn [w] that susie briones, of the san joaquin valley is upset that her marine son had to see dead bodies:

“He had to carry that little girl’s body,” she said, “and her head was blown off and her brain splattered on his boots.”

that’s rough. that poor marine had his boots soiled. it sounds like he had it much harder than the little girl his buddies had just murdered. having to look at dead bodies must be a far more traumatic experience than actually being one of the civilian ‘bodies’ just killed by the marines.
anyway, since when are marines supposed to be ‘traumatized’ by dead bodies? aren’t the marines trained to make dead bodies out of people?

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