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fat jack

25 May 2007 _ 12h43m16 EDT
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~ it is bad enough that you emptied two months’ worth of comics from our subscription box, including the issue covering the return of the black uniform, but it was it necessary to patronize us by shouting to the clerk from across the store, ‘show them where it says to come in and pick up books.’? we are aware that we need to physically appear in the store in order to pick up our books. after shopping at your store for two years, we were not under the impression that we would somehow receive the books into our possession without taking any action to place our hands on them. after you discarded our books, we had made plans to never enter your store again, but as your clerk had a new subscription sheet waiting for us at the counter, we felt obliged to fill it out. so, enjoy holding those books for three months before discarding them, as well.

~ regarding litter, guns, and philadelphia’s insistence on thin whitewash over deep itreatment nstead of painting a mural of trees next to the empty lot on 47th, why not just plant some real trees in the empty lot on 47th?

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