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10 January 2008 _ 10h55m46 EDT
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~ from the outbox:

also, it looks like i was dead wrong about hillary’s ‘crying’ being a fuck up

now, it is all anyone talks about – how it ‘saved’ her campaign by getting all these sympathetic women to vote for her.

this seems condescending to the ability of women to make rational decisions,
but wtf do i know about it?

although, a woman just called in to day-to-day [w] to admonish all men for calling hillary clinton ‘hillary’ while calling barack obama ‘obama’, as though using a first name puts someone in ‘her’ place. has anyone seen a campaign sign for ms. clinton? what name does she use?

maybe people say ‘hillary’ (like ‘w’ in ’00) so as not to be confused with the other clinton (like bush) we had 8 years previously, which is fucking stupid on an entirely new level.

~ corporate politics is lame; there are some more interesting discussions over at cafe tableaux and sisyphean

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