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Filipino Monkey

14 January 2008 _ 17h17m58 EDT
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~ anyone who reads newspapers knew all along that the recent ‘incident’ with the u.s. and iranian ships in the strait of hormuz, the location of which no american knows, was more staged than a scene on insidethecastle.org, but the late, quiet revelation that the whole thing might have been the work of an anonymous ham radio operator who spends his time insulting passing ships has to be the best story about a private individual stirring shit up since that homeless guy started a fire that shut down the subway in new york.

A heckling radio ham known as the Filipino Monkey, who has spent years pestering ships in the Persian Gulf, is being blamed today for sparking a major diplomatic row after American warships almost attacked Iranian patrol boats.

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'jt' responds:

give us a link at least!

i think this is how the vietnam conflict started too.

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