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earth balance

10 February 2008 _ 11h33m03 EDT
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~ though we consume mostly soy garden; we would like to congratulate earth balance on the redesign of their packaging. we have spent untold hours in the kitchen grousing on the principle which seems to govern decent foods: the ‘healthier’ the food, the more confusing and off-putting the packaging – which provokes people to eat more disgusting but more attractively packaged food. now that its container no longer resembles something you would pour into an automobile engine, less people will be eating trans fats. our hats are doffed to earth balance!

the angry red planet

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'billy' responds:

They went from all caps to no caps at all. Where is the balance indeed.

'j' responds:

it doesnt look like they made the “100%” vegan any more prominent. cowards!

'gray' responds:

i wonder if that packaging will allow Earth Balance to melt? the current version refuses to change from solid to liquid no matter how long you leave it sitting out on your kitchen counter.

'j' responds:

have ye tried heating it up? it melts in my grits every morning!

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