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30 November 2008 _ 21h31m48 EDT
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ATLANTA – Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss enlisted Sarah Palin to rally conservatives while Democratic challenger Jim Martin pushed to activate black voters, as they grappled for advantage in a Tuesday runoff that will shape Democrats’ hold on power in Washington.

Palin, the Alaska governor who was John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, was to arrive in Georgia for a private fundraiser Sunday night, followed by rallies across the state Monday.”

that’s excellent. even a fucking clown like sarah palin understands the importance of going down to georgia to support some cartoonish oaf from her party in his reelection bid. similarly, one would think that during the last four weeks, barack obama could have pulled himself away from disappointing his supporters for a few hours to go to hiram or macon and get some attention for jim martin. instead, he hasn’t done shit, and on the final day of the campaign, when palin will be spouting who knows what lies and getting saxby reelected, apparently obama will be throwing hillary’s state department coming out party and stroking off all of the pumas who feel he owns them payback.

but i’m sure obama is more broadly minded that we are; by letting saxby continue to hold georgia’s seat fits in with his rhetoric about ‘reaching across the aisle’ and ‘rewarding your rivals’ or whatever equivocating, pandering, douchebag nonsense defines ‘change’.

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'j' responds:

obama called my house yesterday!

'the angry red planet' responds:

how does he even have your phone number? i heard that obama recorded a martin ad for the radio, but who listens to a radio station that plays commercials?

'j' responds:

i dont know, i donated to his campaign so maybe i gave him my number. max cleland and bill clinton also called but laurel talked to them.

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