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lazy thursday

4 December 2008 _ 17h06m39 EDT
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~ an acquaintance who knows of our erstwhile penchant for desperate postings and even more desperate perusals of various cities’ craigslist missed connections sent us the following link, presumably to aid in our pathetic endeavours:

“Missed Connections coast to coast” [w]

here is an edited version of our furious response:

that’s interesting!
i’m surprised that trader joe’s or whole foods didn’t show up.

with that sort of winner-take-all plurality, though, i think you would be mistaken to use this as a guide to find a place where you are most likely to get mc’d. i mean, if there were 20 mc’s in your city, and 2 were at wawa while the other 18 were at various individual coffee shops, very small array would plaster ‘wawa’ on that map, which would mislead you in to thinking that the majority of mc’s are at one place. they should have a bar graph with various locations per city/state, or one of those maps that came out post-election where the republican and democratic areas of the nation were displayed as blobs of red and blue that were sized according to voter representation instead of geography. hmm, i do ponder other issues than missed connections.

like this, but for posts about guys on blue bikes:


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